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Tracing Irish Ancestry

In 2013, Tourism Ireland will embard on their biggest ever overseas promotion, aimed at inviting and welcoming the Irish people living abroad in countries all over the world. The program is simply called The Gathering. 

If you are living abroad and have Irish heritage, or if you know of people who are such, you may wish to send the following link to them, or to check it out for yourself and discover events and activities that may be happening in your original hometown.... The Gathering - 2013. 

If you are know you are part Irish, but are not sure where is your hometown, you might want to read the following document on "Tracing my ancestors in Ireland". 

If you thinking, "I want to learn more about my Irish family name", then you could do well in checking out the website link and inputting your own name into the search field.

If you want to do some more research on your Irish heritage, take a minue and check out websites such as and / or Also The Irish Time have a facinating feature on their website that quickly and easily provides a detailed analysis on Irish fame names. 

If you are interested in what events my be organised in County Meath or County Dublin for The Gathering, drop me an email ( and we'll keep you posted on any events we hear about in our area. Also, it may be of interest to you to check out The Gatherings Facebook Page.