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Winter & Seasonal Weddings

Dreaming of a White Wedding?

The Station House Hotel, Kilmessan, Co. Meath is one of Ireland's most stunning wedding venues during winter. For the Christmas season the venue will be decorated in fairy lights and lit candles to give a true romantic and intimate glow. Throughout winter, you will arrive to blazing open fires to make sure everyone is cosy, not mention what a pretty background that will make for your wedding album!

Seasonal Weddings...

The Station House is the most charming wedding venue in all seasons. Located in the heart of the Boyne Valley in Co. Meath, in the rural village of Kilmessan, the hotel has something unique to offer anytime of the year.

Setting the date is one of the biggest decisions for your wedding. Here are some great reasons to choose specific months!


Beat the 'After Christmas Blues'! There is nothing better than having something good to look forward to after Christmas. January is an excellent month as there is always a great deal to be had.


The month of romance! Valentines falls on the 14th of February. This time of year is very romantic. There is still a chill in the air which means the hotel will be dressed in rich winter colours. The fires will be lit which adds to the overall romantic feel.


Spring is here and the grounds show this. The frost is melting after the winter and the sun is breaking through the trees.


Spring is in full swing and full bursts of colours can be seen throughout the hotel and gardens


This is always a lively month. Summer is about to start and it is the month before the very busy summer season.


Summer has landed and so has the most popular time for many to wed. June is always an exciting month to get married.


It is Summer holiday time and it is the true wedding season. July is a great colourful month.


The Summer season is still in full swing and we always see many outdoor wedding ceremonies in August.


It is back to school for many but there is always great weather!


This is the beginning of Autumn and rich orange and brown tones are infused throughout the hotel grounds. Halloween is always a popular time for weddings.


Autumn is here and it is the beginning of colder days.....the good thing about this is that the open lit fires in the hotel, give a very romantic feel.


What more can we say... A Winter Wonderland Wedding, how perfect!

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