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The Boyne Valley Trail……

There is an endless list of activities and heritage sites to visit while in the Boyne Valley Region. Below is a summary of some of the most popular sites.

Hill of Tara
Tara, the seat of the High Kings, it remained their residence until the sixth century. On the summit of Tara stands a pillar stone believed to be the Lia Fail, or the stone of destiny, on which the Kings of Ireland were crowned.

Distance from hotel = 3km

Mellifont Abbey
Mellifont Abbey is the first cistercian monastery in Ireland. It was founded in the mid eleven hundreds. There is a feature of an ‘octagonal Lavabo c.’
Visitors can walk around the ruins and see the original features of Mellifont Abbey.

Distance from hotel = 25km

Trim Castle
Begun in 1172 by Hugh de Lacy, it was the largest Norman castle in Ireland at a commanding location by the banks of the nearby Boyne river. Recently restored for use in the film ‘Braveheart’, guided tours are now available.

Distance from hotel = 12km

The Megalithic Passage Tomb at Newgrange is believed to have been built about 3200 BC. The 19 metres internal passage and chamber are illuminated by the Winter Solstice sun. A shaft of sunlight shines through the roof box over the entrance and penetrates the passage to light up the chamber. The nearby interpretive centre provides information on the Tomb and tours can be arranged from there.

Distance from hotel = 25km

In Slane you will find the village of Slane, Slane Castle and the Hill of Slane. All attractions are very interesting and well worth a visit!

Distance from hotel = 20km
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